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Fine Screened Topsoil

Topsoil from a stockpile that has been processed by "screening" through a 1/4" (6 mm) screen and marketed for use.

Primary Uses: Ideal for top-dressing lawns, and sport fields.

Sports Field Mixes

Soil and aggregate blends for sports fields, ball diamonds and golf courses are customized and performance-engineered for your specific application. For inquires about our custom Sports Field Mixes, please contact our head office at 416.798.7050.

Golf Course Divot Mix

This soil-free blend of 75% USGA-Specified Topdressing Sand, 15% Premium Compost, and 10% Bark Compost Fines is designed to repair divots on golf tee decks and fairways. This soil blend is free-flowing and quick-draining, with minimal compaction, and consistent structure. The organic amendments improve nutrient levels, and moisture retention, so new turf can be established effectively.

Primary Uses: Ideal for divot repairs on golf tee decks and fairways; top-dressing lawns, sport fields, open play areas, and golf fairways.

Dog Park Mix:

Our dog park mix is an impact-absorbing, recreational surfacing product comprised of 100% natural wood fiber that can be used in conjunction with a companion filtering and drainage system. Virgin wood fibers are processed through a special grinding, screening and blending system that produces a clean, uniform chip with the fiber content required to promote matting. This impact surfacing produces impressively high performance results on impact attenuation tests, making it one of the most desirable systems available. These wood chips decompose slowly with time, so will require periodic replenishing. This mix does not track, drains well, and helps to keep your dog and home free of mud and dust. The mix is a natural wood colour that will add aesthetic appeal to your landscape. For inquires about our Dog Park Mix, please contact our head office at 416.798.7050.
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